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Set Ananysis

Hi All

I Have  column name Customer_Dim_Key   and

another column name Member_Dim_Key     .

Now i want to get a bar chart like rvenue of member verses non-members

For member iam using  the below expression :

sum( {$<MEMBERSHIP_DIM_KEY=>} NET_AMOUNT )   But this is giving my overall revenu .

.Now i need revenue for non Members  alos  which is ( Customer_Dim_Key - MEMBERSHIP_DIM_KEY)

i tired this using set analysis but could not achieve .

I need this for current year and Last year.

Can someone help me on this please.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Set Ananysis

post any sample data

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Re: Set Ananysis

Plz post sample data .

sum({$<{Customer_Dim_Key}-{MEMBERSHIP_DIM_KEY}>}[Net amount])

I am not sure that this will work.

please post your sample data .So that we can work on it .