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Set a field as a variable??

In my current model im trying to set a variable to read data from a column in an excel sheet. Im trying to set the field name as the variable so that if the data changes, it wont affect the variable being read by a where condition. It saves me having to hard code data.

i tried "let vCost=COST(which is the field name) but it doesnt seem to work in practice.

any advice?

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Re: Set a field as a variable??


     Try this,

     Set vCost = Cost;


The Set command assigns the variable the text to the right of the equal sign, whereas the Let command evaluates the expression. 

Hope it helps

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Re: Set a field as a variable??


The field "COST" contains a thousand rows of data. So I would like to create a variable to account for all the data. If that makes sense.