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Set analysis for date range (With Master Calendar script)

Hello community,

I'm struggling to get a set analysis working when the selection requires a range of values (in my case dates). Essentially I'm trying to display a target goal in a field where the 'date' is between a start date and end date. I have looked at various posts on this and similar forums and there are lots of other people trying to do the same thing but I can't seem to get mine working.

Here is a sample of what I have in the script.

Target x3.PNG

SO I have a monthly target for each year (and also a weekly target that change each year)

But I don't know how to display this data in my bar chat and what could be the perfect formula.

I just want to say to Qlik view: When it's year x then you apply this monthly target and this specific weekly target

A match function, a peek function.

I'm kind a newbie when it's about complex function

Cycle group target.PNG

Anyone could help ?

Thnak you

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Re: Set analysis for date range (With Master Calendar script)

It would help if you can share an app where you have been trying to do this or share the data in a form which we can copy paste and load it in (instead of an image of an inline load, paste the inline load as a text)....Also, what is the exact number you are hoping to see from the above data based on the input values you are going to provide?

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