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Creator II
Creator II

Set analysis with exclude condition

Hi Experts,

Can anyone please help me on below set analysis expression.

=Count({<[RAG]={'R'},{Metric Group}={'Entertainment'},[Metric]-={" '-' "},Group-={" ' '  -"},[Sub Group] -= {" ' - ' "}>}[RAG ind])

Thanks in advance.

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>> Already from Metric Group I have Included {'Entertainment'} also from the same field need to exclude the null [Metric Group]-={"'-'"}.

Selecting Entertainment will automatically exclude the nulls.

>>=Count({<[RAG]={'R'},{Metric Group}={'Entertainment'},[Metric Group]-={"'-'"},[Metric]-={" '-' "},Group-={" ' '  -"},[Sub Group] -= {" ' - ' "}>}[RAG ind])

The second reference to the Metric Group will override the first and you have curly braces in the wrong position. To exclude null values, use

Count({<RAG = {'R'}, [Metric Group] = {'Entertainment'}, Metric = {'*'}, Group = {'*'}, [Sub Group] = {'*'}>} [RAG ind])

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