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Contributor III

Set expression

Hi All,

Iam using the below expression as set analysis..

sum({<PDJira_Status=,PDJira_Severity={'Severity 1'}>}PDCloseCount)

can please any experty confirm me that ...

Iam using PDJira_Status= , will this incluse the values which are within this field ?

I mean will it sum PDCloseCount associating the values in PDJira_Status and PDJira_Severity ???


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Valued Contributor

Re: Set expression

Yes .... but when PDJira_Status  is selected no data will be filtered accordingly

Valued Contributor II

Re: Set expression

Yes Roy,

sum({<PDJira_Status=,  PDJira_Severity={'Severity 1'}>}PDCloseCount)

Whenever you select PDJira_Status=, it won't effect because your excluding filter.

Your expression SUM only for PDJira_Severity equals to 'Serverty1'

Have a look sample attached data.