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Set variable value.

   I have set the variable value in query editor.

SET VarValue = 34;

and also set this value in the sql where condition.

select * from



where  CurrencyyKey = $(VarValue);

in the designer i used input text box to change the variable value  to populate  table box at the run time but its not changing. may i know where  i am doing wrong or i am missing some steps?

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Set variable value.

You have to remove the SET VarValue=32. Every time you run the script it Will be set to 32 again, regardless of whagt you do in your GUI- input.

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Set variable value.

Hi javedkha,


               Try this is your query editor


                         set varValue = $(var1)

                    Here the "var1" is an another variable . you can create this variable in your presentation file (Settings-->Variable Overviews)

then create one input box with the variable of "var1" ,enter your value  and reload it...

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Set variable value.

Like vegar said, you only need to delete the line "SET VarValue = 34;" of your script.

The variable already exists, and every time that you run your script the value is being setted to 34...

Good luck


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Set variable value.

or try:

        if IsNull(varValue) then; SET varValue             =      '32';           end if;