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Show HTML content on QV Desktop


I've strated with QV recently and I've many dudes! I'm trying to show HTML content on QlikView Desktop. I did it through Minimalistic HTMLTextBox extension, but it only works on WebView, meanwhile I want show it directly on Desktop/report view.

I noticed that TextBox component can't format HTML content, so, i ask you if there is any way to get it (custom extensions or native components).

Thanks for your time,


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Creator III
Creator III

Bump!  I too would like to know if there is another solution.

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You can able to load the data from html pages into qlikview and show them in Qlikview Desktop.

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In my Experience, I can able to load the web data into to QV(Only the data in the table form means structure data).

You can use below website to load the data into Dashboard.

List of countries by population - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Master II
Master II


If you want to show web content in qlikview then there is no direct way to intigrate it qlikview..

You can use extension objects which obvious works on web view mode...