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Show past 12 months

I need to show data for the past 12 months of the current date (including current month)

Currently, my dimension for my chart is a calculated dimension:

=date(MonthName([rcptdate]), 'MM-YY')

How do I only show the past 12 months?

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Re: Show past 12 months



Hope it helps

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Re: Show past 12 months


=sum({<Date = {'>=$(=vVar1)<=$(=vVar)'}>}Sales)





Re: Show past 12 months

This can be done using set analysis

Example if ur date field is rcptdate and ur present expression is Sum(Sales)

Sum({<rcptdate={">=$(=MonthStart(today(),-12)))<=$(=Today())"}>} Sales)

If your requirement is based on the given date

Sum({<rcptdate={">=$(=MonthStart(vSelectedDate,-12)))<=$(=vSelectedDate)"}>} Sales)

vSelected date is a variable which has the date selected.

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Re: Show past 12 months


Where exactly do I put this?    If I put it in expression, it tells me "No data to display"

and my current expression was:


Then, changing it using  your tip:

Sum({<rcptdate={">=$(=MonthStart(today(),-12)))<=$(=Today())"}>} extcost)

And I get "no data can be displayed"

Any ideas?

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Re: Show past 12 months

Actually, I think I found the first issue:

I change the Today()  to Now()  and that seemed to get data to come back

It is, however, still giving me all data back, and not the past 12 months

Re: Show past 12 months

Check the date format for both MonthStart(Today()) and your rcptdate field. Is it same?

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Re: Show past 12 months

Yes, they are the same

Re: Show past 12 months

Try this

Sum({<rcptdate={">=$(=MonthStart(today(),-12))<=$(=Today())"}>} extcost)

There is a typo mistake in braces

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Re: Show past 12 months

That gives me "no data to display".    If I change Today() to Now() I get data, but all time data, not past 12 months

Re: Show past 12 months

It will work. can you send me a sample?