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Showing Data from last 24hrs

I have data in a table that records how long it takes to run a report and if the report completed or failed.  It basically has report name, Status, start time and end time.  The Start Time is formatted as such:


29-AUG-18 PM

I just want to grab a count of reports that ran in the past 24hrs and their status.  Trying to show something like this:



How can I do that in qlikview?

I tried: =Count({<STATUS>,START_TIME >= {'>=$(=timestamp(now()-1))'}})

But I get no count numbers.  Any advice?

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Showing Data from last 24hrs

There are a few syntax-issues and therefore try it with this:

= Count({<STATUS =, START_TIME = {">=$(=now()-1)"}>} [report name])

Important is further that your START_TIME is really a timestamp.

- Marcus


Re: Showing Data from last 24hrs

As like above try below..

= Count({<

STATUS ={'*'}

, Date_field = {">=$(=today()-1)"}


Note: Make sure the date field format and validate with today or Now functions in the text box.

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Re: Showing Data from last 24hrs

I am loading data from an Excel file.  Is there a way I can make sure the data in the START_TIME column is being loaded as a DATE format into QLIK when using the Data Load Editor?







FROM [lib://qlik_RptData.xls (ad_JDoe)/qlik_RptData.xls]

(biff, embedded labels, table is [Export Worksheet$]);

Can I CAST/CONVERT that Start_Time into a DATE FORMAT (in case it's being read as text)?

If so, what would be that syntax considering the data is formatted as: 29-AUG-18 PM?


MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Showing Data from last 24hrs

If it's really a string - you could just check it with num(Start_Time) which will return either NULL by a string or a float by a numeric content - you could convert and format it with something like:

timestamp(timestamp#('29-AUG-18 PM', 'DD-MMM-YY hh.mm.ss.fff TT'))

- Marcus

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Re: Showing Data from last 24hrs

Unfortunately none of these suggestions worked...

I changed my connection to now connect directly to Prod DB (instead of reading from Excel file)

To make this simpler, how can I just get a count of the various statuses?  I don't care if it's last 24 hrs. I just want a total count of the diff statuses.





MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Showing Data from last 24hrs

Regardless from the used source you need to know exactly how the data are stored/transferred which might be different to how they are displayed. If your applied formatstring differs in any way from the real fieldvalues a conversion will fail - I think you should give it a few more (systematically) trials because you will need these measures again and again.

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If your dates and times work you could just use Status as dimension in an object to get with = Count([report name]) your results. Without such a dimension you could put a Status query into the expression with something like: = Count({<STATUS = {'COMPLETED'} >} [report name]).

- Marcus