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Showing month on month growth

I'm trying to develop a Qlikview chart that shows the increase in the number of users every month over the previous month. I'm using a bar chart for this.

For example, I have a total of 10 users in June and 20 users in July and 30 users in August.

The bar for July will consist of 2 sections. The lower half will be equal to the height of June's bar and the upper half indicates the additional 10 users that were added in July. Similarly the lower part of the bar for August will be equal in height to that of July. The upper part will indicate the additional 10 users added in August.

My data-source is a database table where I can list the no. of users added per day.

I was trying to do this using a vertical stacked bar chart for this, but couldn't get around to representing the data this way.

Any pointers would be much appreciated.


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Re: Showing month on month growth

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Re: Showing month on month growth

Would you be able to provide your data in an Excel file with the expected output to help you better?

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Re: Showing month on month growth

I've attached some sample data showing the no. of new users added each month.

Also, I've attached an image of the kind of chart I'm trying to generate.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions.


Re: Showing month on month growth

What should happen when there are fewer users in October than in September?

Re: Showing month on month growth

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Re: Showing month on month growth

Yes, that's pretty much how I want the chart to look. It doesn't matter if the no. of users in October is lesser than that in September. I'm just trying to show the total number of users until the previous month and the increment from the current month.

Re: Showing month on month growth

Well, see the attachment then...

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Re: Showing month on month growth

Actually, there is a slight difference in the data model I provided to the one in the qvd file you sent me.

The user count column for each month lists the number of new users added for that month.

Taking the example in your qvd file, this is what it would look like.

Month, UserCount

Jan, 100

Feb, 10

Mar, 40

Apr, 0

May, 5

Jun, 5

Any idea how the expressions would change so that the bar chart looks the same as the one provided ?

Re: Showing month on month growth

Use these expressions tp aggregate increments instead of total counts:

=RangeSum(above(sum(UserCount), 1, 12)) // Previous

=sum(UserCount) // Increment

You'll get a display like this:

Showing Month On Month Growth 2 thread234243.jpg

See the attachment for a working example that uses your data



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Re: Showing month on month growth

Thanks! That works for me.