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Showing total for an expression in pivot table but not for details


I'm trying to have an expression in a pivot table that is only displayed for the total, is this possible and if so, how?

I have attached a screenshot with an example I have done in Excel.

Across you have months with sales and costs for each month.

Downward you have products.

Now in the total to the right I also have a margin, but only in the total, not for each month - this is what I don't know how to do in QlikView, I don't seem to be able to display a total without having it there for each month too?

Is this possible in QlikView?

Thanks for any help!

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Re: Showing total for an expression in pivot table but not for details

I'm not sure if this is not possible at all or wether no one understood what I wanted to achieve.

To make it more clear I made a small demo in QlikView, the file is attached.

Here we now have (as in the Excel screenshot) Products, Months, Costs, Sales, and Margins.

Margin is displayed for each month and also as total over all months.

The goal is that it is displayed ONLY as total, but NOT within each month.

Is it possible?