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Simple QlikView Questions

Hi I am new to qlikview and I am trying to fix some formatting issues. I would appreciate any help.

1. Currently when a chart/selection box is active it will highlight the whole box (border and header). However I want to change that so it only highlights the header and not the border. How do I do that?

2. I made a fast change chart which includes a combo chart, pie chart and scatter chart. I need each chart to not switch when I change an aspect. example: I want the pie chart to only display 5 things, but when I change that it will also change the combo and scatter. I need each chart to display different aspects but I still need them linked together. Is there a way to lock each chart so I can make specific changes to each one? How do I do that?

3. I made a drill-down functionality button for my combo chart, however when I switch a different topic in the drill down box it will not change the y axis to the different topic. Is there a way to make the y axis values change to each topic I select in the drill down box?

4. I am trying to change the scroll bar icon to a different design? How do I do this?

5. Lastly, I created a radar chart. In this chart I only want the grid to only have one grid ring. Currently it displayed all the minor grid rings and I only need one of those rings displayed. How do I change that? Furthermore, I only want one point value for the radar chart to display. That point value should correlate with the grid ring as I stated before. Is there a way I can fix this?

Thank you for your help

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Re: Simple QlikView Questions

1)  That is how QlikView works re border active . inactive, but try making your borders either thin, 1 pt or no border, 0 pt. and see how that looks to you.

It is general etiquette to have just 1 question per thread.  I'd suggest you post the other 4 question as seperate threads.

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Re: Simple QlikView Questions

Thank you for your help. I will post the other questions as different threads

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Re: Simple QlikView Questions


Not sure if your have resolved all your issues, but this might help anyone else in future.

1. Properties-> Layout -> Reduce Border Width to 0 pt and No Shadow.

2. Detach the Chart - The chart title is appended with the text "(Detached)" and the chart is no longer updated with selections made in the document (though selections may actually still be made from the chart). The command is available only if the chart is attached.

By making a copy of a chart and detaching it, you can make direct comparisons between the copy and the original.

3. Pie charts, line charts and scatter charts cannot display more than two dimensions. In bar charts, up to three dimensions can be shown.

4. Try Theme maker: Properties->Layout->Theme Maker

5. Check your Expressions and check the Invisible check box.

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