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Simple Table in Qlikview

How do we create a simple table in qlikview?

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Simple Table in Qlikview

Witl inline you can create simple table


Object, Atribute, Value
ball, color, red
ball, diameter, 10 cm
ball, weight, 100 g
box, color, black
box, height, 16 cm
box, lenght, 20 cm
box, weight, 500 g
box, witdth, 10 cm


Ashish srivastava

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Simple Table in Qlikview

you can create an Inline table or get a data source connection and update the script and load the data.

Cheers Haneesh

Honored Contributor

Simple Table in Qlikview

You Can Create static table only . you can not create any dynamic table in qlikview.because Qlikview can read data but does not write data in to table.

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