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I have a table field having booking date stored in it.

My requirement is to make a simple report where user will be able to key in start and end booking dates, for this I am planning to use input box where user will be able to type in start and end dates.

Is there any option to link the input box with a normal table box, where changing the input dates results in displaying in the table box all those records within that date range ?

i.e. i need user be able to type in start and end date and thus final result should function like "select... .... ... where bookingdate between startdate and enddate"

Using Straight Table in Chart instead of table box seems to be confusing for me, since Chart represents data based on X and Y axis.

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Re: Simple search


   Here is your solution.

   Checkout the uploaded document.


Kaushik Solanki


Simple search


The common approach to this type of problem is to link the input box to two variables (lets call them vMinDate and vMaxDate). Then in your table (Chart/Straight table, not Table Box), use expressions like:

=sum(if(bookingdate >= '$(vMinDate)' and bookingdate <= '$(vMaxDate)', amount))

Use a similar pattern for all the chart expressions. You may want to select "Suppress When Value is Null" for the dimensions.

Ideally you should use set expressions for above, but it sounds like you may be a newbie, so I am keeping it simple. Please forgive me if I am mistaken.

Dont be confused by the term chart - it is simply a visualisation with dimensions and expressions, of which X/Y graphs is one option.

Hope that helps


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