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Slider Help


I am new to QV and for the life of me cannot work out how to link my slider to the qv table.

I would like the slider to show relative % and the table to reflect which relative percentages to show in the table.

Table looks like below

departmentRelative %

slider will be on relative % 1-100% scale. I have a variable set up which reflects wha has been selected in the slider.

Please can someone help me with the formula for the table and also where to assign it - ie dimension or expression.



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Re: Slider Help


is this is what  you are trying to do


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Re: Slider Help

Hi Jo,

Right click -> New Sheet Object -> Slider/Calendar Object.

You need to assign the field in the General -> Data -> Field -> Relative(Data base column which you want to represent).

You can adjust the scaling in Presentation Tab.


Sai Krishna

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MVP & Luminary

Re: Slider Help


Please find attached file for solution.



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Re: Slider Help

Hi Joanne,

You mentioned that you have defined a variable!

Then you want to link it to your chart

What I will do in this case is to right click on the chart > Properies > Expression > Add new expression (click ADD) > then enter Relative * (1+ VARIABLE NAME)

Click OK

Then give the new expression a name LABEL

You will see new column added to the straight table with the label you've given

then right click on the blank space on the page, select Slider > in the General tab > check the radio button for variable and select your variable name (if not showing by default) > down the page set minimum value & maximum value > select the Number tab and specify % > click OK and Apply

Let me know if that helps.