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Snapshot's in Qlik


Can anyone pls help me to understand the snap shot concept in qlik. when and why we required. how to do it?

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Re: Snapshot's in Qlik

HI Abhay,

Hope this will help you..

A snapshot is a graphical representation of the state (type and data) of a data object at a certain point in time that you can use when you build stories. The snapshot you take is a copy of the state. This means that the state of the snapshot does not change when the state of the corresponding data object gets updated.

Snapshots capture individual objects on a sheet during the analysis process. They store the visualization and data as you see it at that time enabling you to use them at a later point in time to tell a story. Each snapshot contains a bookmark back to the original context so that you quickly get access to the live data.



Re: Snapshot's in Qlik

Are you talking about snapshot wrt Qlik Sense? If so, it is used in Storytelling. Refer :Storytelling Overview (video)


Re: Snapshot's in Qlik

If you are referring to Qlikview, then concept can be implemented. You need to create your own data as snapshot for year/month or anything.

In QlikSense, concept of snapshot is used to capture the picture & make story out of it.