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Some Help required with duplicate value causing error in formula

My database is for documents Right first time (RFT)

the query produces data which is pulled into QlikView

I have a situation where the document can be classified as RFT if the only issue with the document is  a query relating to parts of the doc.

so the query produces the following result,

two or more records for a document that have a RFT of True

in my QlikView dashboard

we need to see these two records of querys, but we only need to count up one of them as RFT


this is where I am coming unstuck


my formula for calculation of the RFT is:

Sum(RFT)/count(Distinct ID)

This works upto the point of where I get two records which are RFT (True) but containing Querys.

so I get a sum of 2 for these two records when in fact it should only be a sum of 1

I think I need to sum up the RFT for Distinct ID, but not sure of the formula for this


any help please

many thanks for looking