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Split Groupwise data in Pivot or Straight table

HI Community,

I have Straight table, Here i have ProductName, in ProductName i have many attributes.

My requirement i have to split product Group wise data..


Sample Example:    These 4 product names one group and remaining are another group.

AAA Running ShoeBaby Clothes100
Aino ShoesChildren's Clothes200
Atles LussekoftaMen's Clothes300
Baby Dark Lounge SuitMen's Footwear400

Client wants only these names only,

I have taken one inline table..


Load * Inline [ 

AAA Running Shoe
Aino Shoes
Atles Lussekofta
Baby Dark Lounge Suit


But this is not associating to ProductName..

Any better Approach..??

Thanks in Advance....

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Re: Split Groupwise data in Pivot or Straight table

May be you want something like this:

LOAD Product



          If(Match(Product, 'AAA Running Shoe', 'Aino Shoes', 'Atles Lussekofta', 'Baby Dark Lounge Suit'), 'Group1', 'Group2') as Group

FROM Source;