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Contributor II

Start Date and End Date Filter

Hi Everyone, Could anyone please help me on this

I'm using mapping list for column mapping where actual column name is [First Posted] and i'm replacing it as [Activity Creation Date] currently i placed 

Existing Column: date#([First Posted], 'DD-MMM-YYYY')  Renamed Column: Activity Creation Date in mapping table

Now, have implemented Start and End date functionality for that column. Now the problem is start and end date functionality is working good but i'm seeing numbers instead of dates in current selection field. 

I have written date#([First Posted], 'DD-MMM-YYYY'), in load script.

Dates are filtering but showing numbers in current selection field i want to show the dates instead in current selection.


Can anyone help me out.


Thanks in advance.


@tresesco @sunny_talwar @swuehl @rubenmarin 

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have you tried with this expression date(date#([First Posted], 'DD-MMM-YYYY')) ?

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Contributor II

Yeah if im using this expressing filtering is not working

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Contributor II

Is anything i need to update in column mapping sheet?


Thanks in advance

Hi, sometimes I use two fields: one with date format using Date() as StarinieriG posted, and other as num to use as filter in expressions

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Contributor II

Firstly, Thanks for replying @rubenmarin , Could you please tell in breif.

Thanks in advance


Hi @TheBeginner, note that dates are always numbers, but those numbers can be shown with date format.

I don't know why you say that it doesn't filters when using Date(), I supposed it's beacuse you have a filter wich is using number format when it's expecting a date format, but that's just a guess, I will need to look where are you using that "filter" and how is created.

Anyway, you can have 2 fields: one using Date#() and another using Date(Date#()) and use one or the other.

- date#([First Posted], 'DD-MMM-YYYY') as NumActivityCreationDate
- date(date#([First Posted], 'DD-MMM-YYYY')=) as [Activity Creation Date]

Another possibility is using Date() function in front-end to show the value as a date.

If you can upload a sample it will be easier to answer.

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Contributor III


I guess the following expression might solve the problem.

date(num([First Posted]),'DD/MM/YYYY')

Let me know if it it solves the problem or not.




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Contributor II

Hi @rushikale0106 its not working