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Storing Historical Data by Appending Tables


I have a QVD file containing 15 days worth of data.

D 1

D 2

D 3

D 4

D 5

D 6

D 7

D 8

D 9

D 10

D 11

D 12

D 13

D 14

D 15

This extract gets created everyday, but only for the last 15 days, this means that Day 16 will become the new Day 15 and day 1 would become day 2 and a new day 1 will be created.

What I need to do, is keep a track record of all the data. 

If I load the created QVD file (Historical Data) all I want to happen , is that any values that are new in the extract (Sales Data) needs to be added to the Historical data, but without removing any data (old day 1) in the file and also not creating any duplicate data ( in case the app is reloaded more than once in a day)


Latest Table:

Load *

Resident Historical Data

Drop table Historical Data

Load *

Resident Sales Data

Drop table Sales Data

Store latest Table into Historical Data.qvd(qvd)

Would the above duplicate data that exists in both tables or only add new values?

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Re: Storing Historical Data by Appending Tables

I have the same question,can someone help here?

Thanks in advance.