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Structure of datasorce.qvd


     I am new to qlikview.I am identifying the datasource. qvd.Can anyone tell us that what is the structure of that file,as i am not able to identify.

thanks and regards

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Structure of datasorce.qvd

QVD file has a native QV format. Only QlikView can read/write a QVD file.


Re: Structure of datasorce.qvd

QVD file contains exactly one table. Conceptually it is similar to any typed file (e.g. CSV). A QVD file is composed of three elements.

1. A well formed XML header (in UTF-8 char set) describing the fields in the table, the layout of the subsequent information and some other meta data.

2. Symbol tables in a byte stuffed format.

3. Actual table data in a bit-stuffed format.

QVD file format is optimized for speed when reading data from a QlikView script but is also very compact. According to QlikTech reading from QVD is 10-100 faster than reading from other data sources.

Hope this answers your question!

Cheers - DV

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