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Sum(IF issue


I have a dashboard that contains snapshot dates (what our data looked like at a certain time) in order to look at change from one date to another. We recently brought in Goals data.  I want to use a sum(if statement to link the goals to the territories they belong to. However the statement seems to be aggregating the goal data accross all snapshot dates . If I select one snapshot date, I get the aggregation of every date before it. Is there any way to stop this if statment from agrregating?



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Sum(IF issue


the if() statement is not aggregating, the sum() is doing that.

Could you please post your complete expression together with a more detailed description of your data model?

Your Goal data seems not to be correctly linked to your snapshots, or your aggregation expression might miss something, I and probably also others couldn't tell without some more information.

Also a small sample app could speed up things, if possible.



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Re: Sum(IF issue

Hi Stefan,

Thanks for the response. My objective is to display sales results and corresponding goals in the same object. My expression looks like this.

Sum(if( Goal Territory Name=Territory Name ,Goal,0))

I am using this expression with TerritoryGroupName as a dimension. If I use set analysis ie

Sum({$<Goal Territory Name=Territory Name>}Goal)

I do not get any results.

I have attached a simplified down version of the data model.

Thanks so much!


Sum(IF issue

Sorry, I can't open your file, what is the format / origin of this? If it's a not too complicated data model, a screenshot of the table viewer might already do the job. At best, you could try building a small sample QV app and upload it.

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Re: Sum(IF issue

Sorry, It's a microsoft publisher file Here is a screen shot.