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Sum of Top 10 that ignores certain filters

Hello - I am trying to write a set analysis expression that would show a sum of the top 10 recruiters based on recruiter's number of new applications.  I want that number to stay constant no matter what Recruiter SID filter is applied.  I am using the formula below but because 'Recruiter SID=' isn't applied to the rank portion of the expression it is not working the way I would like it to.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

=sum({<[Recruiter Full Name]={"=(Rank(SUM([New Apps]))<=10)"},[EVENT ID]={'OPN','SSH'},[Month Number]={'=$(#vSelectedMonthNumber)'},[Event Month]=,[Recruiter SID]= >}[New Apps])

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So, then add it... may be like this

=Sum({<[Recruiter Full Name] = {"=Rank(Sum({<[Recruiter SID]>} [New Apps]) <= 10)"}, [EVENT ID] = {'OPN','SSH'}, [Month Number] = {'=$(#vSelectedMonthNumber)'}, [Event Month], [Recruiter SID]>}[New Apps])