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Table Box and Inputfield - Using the QV Client


Before I have several of my users get the Qlikview desktop client, I'm wondering about the following:

1.)  If I have a Table box with an InputField that's used for inputting comments and I input comments on 10 different rows and save the .qvw file, will other users who have the desktop client be able to see those comments as long as they have access to the .qvw file?  What happens if you do a reload of the data via the desktop client?

2.)  It does not appear that using the Qlikview client, inputting comments and saving the file and then reloading via a task in the QMC to the access point server actually loads the comments entered via the desktop client.  Is there perhaps a setting I may not have set or is it just not possible?

As you can probably tell, I have a need to save comments and for all to be able to see them.  I've seen a lot of threads around this, but most require some kind of macro or other extension.  I can't get extensions and macros are not allowed.

As always, thanks in advance for any and all help.

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Re: Table Box and Inputfield - Using the QV Client

Hi Perry,

The value which you entered via input field it just save the objects not the data in .shared file

if you wanted to save the data for your future analyse then you have to go with "Writeback" or macro vb script methods to store your input data and you can read it from the stored qvd/ database table.


https://community.qlik.com/thread/74220 (macro option - xml file)

https://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-5970 (writeback extension - store database method)

Note: I've tested that Writeback extension and it's working and i would recommend you to use only simple functionality (like user commendatory at dashboard level). to make it work that extension you have enable IIS 12 & create website and .net visual studio (if code changes required) .

i had some issue with above mentioned writeback extension, by default it's not working i did few changes on the jquery and script then its got worked. make sure your end if your going to implement (also your machine should have admin privileges for running IIS & website creation)




Re: Table Box and Inputfield - Using the QV Client

Hello Deva:

Thanks for the reply.  Unfortunately, Writeback would not be allowed and I don't have write access to the database I pull the data from anyway.

Let me look at the macro sample.  I'll probably have some questions, if you don't mind and can send them this weekend if I do.