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Take max date only based on multiple dimensions

Hi Everyone,

I have two conditions to show my data

1. Date greater then 26-Sep-19

2.Take Max date if there are two rows based on sap_id and so_code column .

I have figured out how to get data for date greater then 26-Sep-19 by using =if(Date>='26-Sep-19',Date) and suppress null values but when I am using another condition in above formula if(Date>='26-Sep-19' and Date=Aggr(Max(Date),sap_id,so_code) ,Date) then I am not getting correct numbers but this aggr funtion is working fine if I am not using it in if condition.

I have highlighted 2 rows in attached file for refrence. Thank you in advance



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Try using expression itself to apply the conditions in aggregation function instead of filtering the dimension in chart. Could you explain the expected output for the given sample data?


Thank you for reply,

there are duplicate values in row 12 and 13 in the file, in this case I want to show only the value with 10-Oct date which hace 1776 value in sum column.


Are you using a pivot/straight chart? What are the dimensions you are using?Could you share your sample qvw?