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The general workprocess with qlikview projects?


I'm curious about how the general workflow with QW is supposed to be. To get started with some thoughts my guess would be something like:

  1. Develop the reports in desktop client. Which is:
    1. Writing the load scripts
    2. Create the charts and other sheet objects.
    3. Design the layout etc
  2. Upload the reports to qlikview server
  3. Configure Publisher  with restrictions and such.
  4. Start browsing the reports as a regular user.

I would love to get a more detailed description about the process to work with QW.

Will be reports that is developed using desktop be fully functioning as web reports for the enduser?

Do you need to develop reports online to be sure the design/layout etc looks like its supposed to?

Is it possible to create/edit reports on the flow online?


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The general workprocess with qlikview projects?

Hi Gggggabs,

The work process on qlikview will be like this ... Qlikview is a semi-etl tool so when we are loading the data we can make data transformations and data filtering by using filters and conditional delete's and after loading the data we will design  datamodel and then designing of dashboard will happens with sheet objects and external triggers (if required)

and once we designed the report we will user qlikview publisher to publish the repots and qlikview access point to give access to end clients .

and the reports which are designed in qlikview are fully web functional in IE and Ajax ZFP ( Zero Foot Print ) for end users if at all you don't have some sort of macro's in your dashboards which don't work on AjaxZFP .

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