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Transactional report with image as column value?

Hi All,

I've requirement need to send below kind of transnational report (each report has 3000 rows - 10 to 15 pages) as email attachment on every weekly.

Excel Report.png

using Nprint able to send output via email distribution but noticed below listed issues. is there any way to overcome it?

1) Unable to repeat report column header into multiple pages (i'v used Nprint - excel report (image option)  ---> header highlighted in yellow in above image (when we take print out this header need to be repeated.

What i tried is, Tried set page break in Qlik - Nprint document (unable to repeat header due to Nprint excel report created as image option)

to avoid this image (column value as image) issue tried to created Nprint - Excel table report (Pivot) --> created calculated column but that output shows <URL> instead of image.

2) Also tried PDF format and got out of memory issue (My Nprint server 64 GB ram - my document size 350MB file)

3) Tried with Qlikview report menu feature via "Edit report method" while drag and drop my image into report editor it got not responding

4) Macro (export object as image method)  also tried and it's responded with 3000 rows with image as column value report

(the same macro tried with simple report image and it works fine)

5) tried "copy to Clipboard" and pasted into method into excel also not working (a. after paste as data shows URL instead of image

b. after paste as image into excel not respond)

Is there anyway Nprint - Excel Pivot table report ---> display image as column value option?

or any other server side configuration to increase the row limit /size of the file (current i am getting 5MB output file which shows 600 rows with images output)

Kindly share your ideas / thoughts to overcome this issues.

Thank you very much