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Transparency Impact on Performance

Hi All,

I have a sheet, with around 6 objects with heavy calculations and one chart.

When I move to sheet, it takes around 10 seconds to open sheet without chart, and after that chart starts rendering.

I have tried to keep the expressions in variables, but still the performance is around 8-10 seconds.

Just a thought, we have used background color as "white" and no transparency.

Whether transparency as 100% will make any difference to performance, as no need to use any color.

Any other property which can improve the performance of same.

Thanks & Regards,


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Re: Transparency Impact on Performance


Would it be possible to supply a little more information?

Possibly the heavy calculation?

The best way I have found to increase the performance is to move as much of the calculation to the script,

Be it using flags when condition are met and then checking for the flag in the expression or making aggregated tables, i.e. maybe using order totals instead of using order lines.

Another possibility maybe to force selections on moving in to the tab, so less is calculated?


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Re: Transparency Impact on Performance

Transparency does not impact the performance.

I would say define your heavy expression at script/backend level.

I hope that will improve your performance.