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Trending Analysis in QV

Hi All,

I'm pretty new to Qlikview and have been playing around with set analysis but cannot seem to get the logic on how to implement trending. Here's what I'm trying to achieve:

I have the following fields 

  1. Reporting Period - Displays all months ex. Jan-2011, Feb-2011.....Dec-2011. This is a calculated field from a time dimension table by concatenating the Month and Year fields.
  2. Month_Num - Numeric field that gives number of current month. Ex Jan-2011 is '1' , Feb-2011 is '2' , etc.
  3. Field X - The field on the Y-axis that could be a cost or something like that.


As you can see these are the two sheet objects I have. Now what I want is if I select a particular month, based on my current selection the logic should look back six months and display all the corresponding data.

For example:

If I select Jan-2011, I should get data only for Jan-2011, if I select Mar-2011 I should get data for Jan, Feb and March-2011. Similarly if I select Oct-2011, I should get data from May-2011-Oct-2011 i.e. data for the last six months including current selected month.