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Creator II
Creator II

Trigger on External Event in Qlik View

 Hi All,


Could you please help me to implement Trigger on External event in Qlikview.

Basically we need to do Stored Procedure option.

DW can provide query to the same server we are pulling data down from.
This query can show us if anything is still running and we can then go into wait loop and keep polling every X minutes until it’s finished.


Is this doable in Qlikview?




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Re: Trigger on External Event in Qlik View

Hi @mhmmd_srf 

You might try Supporting Tasks option.

Kind Regards.


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Digital Support
Digital Support

Re: Trigger on External Event in Qlik View

If you are running in the 12.30/November 2018 track, you have access to the new File Exists trigger, which you could use your stored procedure to dump a file to a location we check, and once it appears, the task kicks off, the trick is to be sure to run an External Supporting task after the other task to delete the file, otherwise things will just keep triggering.  



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