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Trigger usage

Hi. I'm trying to schedule a reload and subsequent flie closing at a non-server application (stored locally). So idea is to open manually or through windows trigger, get Qv to perform automatically reload, save and close. By using the trigger I can accumulate "Reload" and "close document" instructions at "Open" Action but I still get the Yes/No saving question at the end, which prevents the automatic closing? Would someone know on how to overcome this, by force saving option yo "Yes"?

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Re: Trigger usage

Maybe you can simply use a batch file with a command line command like:

"C:\Program Files\Qlikview\qv.exe" /r  "D:\QvFile\ProviderInterfaceTest.qvw"

That should open qlikview, reload and save the document and finally close.

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Re: Trigger usage

... and you can use windows scheduler to run this batch file.