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Two Loads-Alternate states

my questions is-- I have one sheet in that on sheet I have 4 tabs as tab1 ,tab 2, tab 3, tab 4 I created so many charts in the tab 1 based on my requirement for suppose tab 1 will be multichannel tab  2 will be chat like that -what ever charts I am created in the multichannel all those charts are also having in chat too but the data means values will be different. My question is.. I want to create new charts in chat tab which should not reflect in multichannel tab which is in the same sheet. Is that possible?? I want to delete all the old charts( which are related to multichannel tab in the same sheet) and I want new chart with new columns added in the input file of qlikview.

I create alternate states for tab 1 (multi channel) and tab 2(chat)( both the tabs having different object id so I created two alternate sates both of the tabs) but all the charts are interrelated (in the tabs)still if am changing alterante state in chat tab(one of the chart) same is reflecting to the chart in multichannel tab because all the charts having same oject id If I try to give new object id to the chart in the multichannel it is changing in the chat tab too.. Could you please help me

How can I break the relation among the tabs in the same sheet and I need to relaod new script to the chat tab IS that possible??? tab 1 is having some load tab2 is having diffferent load (data) ??? is this possible.. Please help me as soon as possible...Thanks!!