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Two Servers, Active / Active QVS and QVWS

Hi QV Team -

Quick question..

I've a clustered license with two nodes installed in windows 2016 server with 512 MB ram.

In node1 following qv components are active and running.


2. QVS

3. DCS

4. QDS

5. QMC 

In node2 the following qv components are active and running.

1. QVS

The qv load balance set is Random.

What i need is, can i install and run QVWS and DCS components in node2 so that it have two qv server in active/active qvs and qvws services. Will this create any issue in node 1 as i have all the five service running. I know there should be only one QMC and one QDS in either node1 or node2 but i should be able to use other 3 services in both the nodes. 

This will help me during High availability in a cluster.

Please confirm.

Thank you!



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Re: Two Servers, Active / Active QVS and QVWS

Any thoughts on this please!

Thank you!




Re: Two Servers, Active / Active QVS and QVWS

Srinivas, yes you may, but in order to run two QVWS resources you must then have a Network Load Balancer device in your environment to handle sending the users to the web servers etc., and that NLB will have to have persistent sessions configured, as once a user is sent to one of the web servers, they need to stay on that web server for the duration of their session for things to work properly.

The DSC is quite a bit easier, you just go to the existing DSC resource you have, expand it one level, click on that, and then on the right side choose the General tab, you will see a green button with a white + sign in it, clicking that will add a new row to the Service URLs, just change the Service URL that was added to point to the correct server etc. and hit apply, of course you need to have installed the DSC service on the other node first, I forgot to mention that regarding the web server as well, and the web server is two components, either the QV Web Server or the Microsoft IIS Support along with the Client Files components...

DSC Help:


QVWS Help:


The QVWS you have to create an entire new QVWS resource, you will have two resources there, the NLB will take care of the load balancing between them...  There are no license restrictions on how many web servers or DSC resources you can have in your environment...


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