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Unable to Login after upgrade to ver11.2 SR16

This morning, I login to my qlikview document from my desktop and updated my data. Thereafter I exited and did an upgrade from ver11.2 SR15 to ver11.2 SR16.

I try the Qlik document but was unable to login, using my user name and password (set in the section access), I was not able to login at all. It kept asking for my password and the following message appeared ; "Access denied to this Qlikview document".

Would appreciate any help that can help me to resolve this so that I can access my Qlik document now.


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Re: Unable to Login after upgrade to ver11.2 SR16

That's not the only copy of your document, I hope?

If it is, downgrade to SR15, open your document, put the Section Access; script statement in comments, reload and save this version as a new file.

Upgrade again to SR16 but keep the two versions. You can now check whether the previous problem was due to not having done a reload in SR16.

Tip: As a developer, always keep an unprotected copy of your document for making changes. Only enable Section Access as the very last step, save your protected copy under a different name and publish that document. Otherwise you may lose your creation because of being locked out when you least expect it.

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Re: Unable to Login after upgrade to ver11.2 SR16

Hi Peter,

Yes, I had kept a back up copy. I had downgraded back to SR15 and using a back up copy but I am still unable to login to the document even though my password has not changed at all. It seems that all my back up Qlik documents with useridand password does not allow me to login at all. Any help would be appreciated.

This the script for the Section Access

Section Access;



    ADMIN, pteols, pt1234



Section Application;


Re: Unable to Login after upgrade to ver11.2 SR16

That's not what I mean by backup copy. You don't need a previously protected version of your document for situations like this, you need the same or an earlier version of your document in unprotected form. IMHO Section Access is the most tricky piece of technology in QlikView and accidents do happen on a regular basis to everyone (myself included).

Section Access converts all values in the SA fields to upper case. Did you try with upper case values? Is there only one entry in your Section Access table (I don't think so because that doesn't make much sense) or did you define another ADMIN entry? Did you enable data reduction? The latter can force you out of your own documents, even though your credentials are ok...