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Unexpected (Too old?) file format

Hi everyone i am new at Qlikview i developed an application but now when i try to open it i get Unexpected (Too old?) file format error.

i am using Qlikview x64 Personal Edition

Version:11.20 SR7

i am afraid to reinstall Qlikview Application because it may happen to same to the rest of the files because of a personal edition.

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Hi, it happend with all your qlikview document?

i think the solution coudl be re install qlikview desktop

see this post

good luck


Unexpected (too old?) file format



What version of Qlik you use?

Can you try by upgrading to latest version.



MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

I've just had this happen to a single QVW file, and in this case the file was corrupted.  Not sure how it happened, but opening the file in a text editor the file appears to only contain blanks, where it should have binary data followed by an XML definition of the file.

It's a case of reverting to a backup, if you have one, or recreate from the project folder - again if you have one.

My best guess of what occurred is an interruption during saving.



It happened to us and created a case with Qliktech and there was no resolution but having a backup of your qvw, anyways there are some recomendations:


Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful in opening the QVW. The only solution is to use a backup of the QVW. I apologize but we don't have any methods to recover the QVW. Corruption can be caused by a lot of different issues. It can be caused by other software programs touching the file like antivirus. It can also be caused by network issues. It could be caused by a failed saved QVW.

Contributor II
Contributor II

uninstall-restart!-install solved it for me.

SW Version: 11.20 SR15

Contributor II
Contributor II

as the error repeats, I figured that it happens when I load/save a file from Cloud Server. Try making a copy of your file in your local machine instead, and give it a try as well!