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User Security - Hiding data

Hello QV community,

Is there a way to restrict what data users can see in qlikview. I have 6 departments (each in a different tab) and I have 10 users. Is there a way for the users to only be able to view their designated Tab or Tabs?

So for example

User 1 has access to Departments A,B,C,D,E,F

User 2 has access to Department A and B

User 3 has access to Department A

User 4 has access.... and so on

They have to do this in Qlikview and not Qlikview Access point as they have to be able to reload the data as and when they need it.

Your time is highly appreciated.


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Re: User Security - Hiding data

you can do this by section access:

1.  sheet no. of tabs as follows:

DepartmentA- SH01

DepartmentB- SH02

DepartmentC- SH03

DepartmentD- SH04

DepartmentE- SH05

DepartmentF- SH06

I have attached the excel sheet and qvw file of section access as per your requirements.

hope this will solve your problem.


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User Security - Hiding data

ya absolutely

when you reload the data all the tabs occur.

1. so do one thing go to document properties -> security -> user privilege -> uncheck reload

2. so that only admin can reload the data not user.


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User Security - Hiding data

Sorry vijit1810, The users will need to ablity to reload the data.

Thanks again for your reply