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Creator III
Creator III

User Table Security Check

Good day everyone,

I built an app that shows transaction made by a department on a ERP system.  Here are the sample table

Transaction Table

DateItemUser IDCost



Staff Table

User IdName
0001John Lee
0025Bose Frankie
0020Malcom Jack

With a left join statement

I can combine both tables to have a consolidated table that shows me each transaction and who authorized it.

Now from the table about only John Lee (0001) and Malcom Jack (0020) have been authorized to make transaction in this department.

Can we make an 'exceptional' report/table that shows ONLY those who are not authorized to make such transaction in this department?

OR can we highlight them on the consolidated table?

Please share your thoughts



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Specialist III
Specialist III


how do you know who is authorized or not ?

you can create a field whose value is calculated with an if() function

and in your graphs,

either show only the unauthorized with a set analysis based on this flag

either highlight the rows with a background color expressions based on this field

Creator III
Creator III

Hello olivierrobin


Thank you for the feeds.... It is insight

Since the Staff table in real time is lot of lines. I have made  table that only staff will authorization permission with this structure


S/N     StaffName

0001   John Lee

0020   Malcom Jack

Is there a way I can write an if statment that says...... If the user Id number is in the Authorization tAble.... Then the transaction is approved else decline.


Specialist III
Specialist III

when you load authorization,add a field (ex: authorized)in this table (the value you want) (ex:1)

and you can write

if(authorized=1,'approved','declined') as approved_declined