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User cannot log on from 1 server, but can from another

I'm having one particular user that cannot sign on from a particular server.  Only this user on this server.  The screen prompts for the username and password.  After entering both and continuing, it prompts for username and password again in a loop that doesn't seem to end.  This happens on both Chrome and IE.

My environment is RDP on Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard.  This user can sign on from his local computer, or another RDP server just fine.  LDAP is used.  When signed into the same server as me (Windows user), I can sign on to Qlik as him.  So it points to his profile on the server.

What should I look for?  Or do I just need to wipe his user folder from the server and start again?

Thanks in advance.

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Any change you are using section access with NTSID, NTDOMAINSID? This could be one reason.


Yes, this dashboard has access controlled by    DOMAIN\USERNAME

But why would it work in some places, but not this one?  What are you suggesting I look at?

NTNAME will work from any place, but if any of either IDs are also used by themselves or in combination with NTNAME, it will also check where the user is accessing from, allowing to a more granular control of access.

If the prompt is not a Windows dialog but the Ajax screen, that means that, for some reason, the user is not recognized from that server. Clearing cache, if previously connected as someone else, could help.

Can this can see the account in the AccessPoint top right the same as from any other computer (by name, email or any attribute set up in the DSC configuration) or rather a different attribute (e.g.: correct access = Full name, this server = email address)?

If credentials are used with QlikView Desktop > Open In Server does it make any difference or is the user not allowed either?


So trying to get to the dashboard 2 ways, here are some images.  Again, I'm certain it's something to do with the Windows user, as it behaves the same with his username or mine.




Yes, looks like it. That prompt means the user cannot access the computer by that name or by the port. I see it's using HTTPS, so perhaps the certificates need to be configured for that user.

Did clearing cache make any difference?