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Using Dynamic Dates in Straight Tables

I am fairly inexperienced in Qlikview hence seeking some help.

I have a dataset with fields including (Media, Date, GRPs, etc). I want to create a table which shows me all my metrics in rows and date in columns. I want to be able to -

  • 1. Select a date from a calendar object
    2. Lets say the selected date is 'D' and month for selected date is 'M'
    2. Basis the date selection, I want to auto populate the columns
    3. The columns should be as - 'D', 'D-7', 'M', 'M-1'
    4. So essentially what I want is daily, weekly or month on month comparison - all in a single table
    5. If you could help me get 'Month Till Date' comparison with last month MTD also, it would be fabulous!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Using Dynamic Dates in Straight Tables


If you provide your qvw this would be easily fixed from some of us here, but as of now it's a bit conceptual and difficult to describe in such a way that you could directly implement it.

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Re: Using Dynamic Dates in Straight Tables

Hi Niclas,

I am using personal edition of Qlikview and thus not sure if you will be able to open the file. Still attaching this for our reference.

What I need is Dates in columns for -

  • Latest week vs last week.
  • Current month vs Last month
  • Month till date vs Last month till date

Not sure if I should be using a Pivot or Straight table.

Hope this clarifies your questions.

Thanks a lot !