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Using EDX in QlikView 12 - Basic Example

Dear Support Team -

I am new in setting up EDX (Event Driven Execution ) in qv ver 12 and unaware how to create a project and what configuration files need to be modified. Appreciate if you can direct me to any good source / step-by-step procedure where i can apply in my qv server.

Note: No publisher license available and need to rely on EDX.




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MVP & Luminary

Re: Using EDX in QlikView 12 - Basic Example

This document was written for QV11 but still applies to v12. https://community.qlik.com/t5/QlikView-Documents/Using-EDX-in-QlikView-11/ta-p/1478952

Note that you don't have to write code that uses the QMS API.  YOu can simple download the exe that is included in the doc and run it from a command line.  The only configuration requirement is that the userid must be a member of the “QlikView EDX”  local group on the server.



Re: Using EDX in QlikView 12 - Basic Example

Just a clarification to Rob's post, there are changes in version 12 tracks that the code for the exe he mentioned will not be programmed to handle, just FYI.  There was a partner that had posted an updated exe for version 12, but he took everything down a while ago due to some miscommunication I think regarding some other stuff he had posted.  I do not know if anyone potentially has it or not, but maybe he will see this if he is still on Community and post it back up here for you.  Things may work with that original version, but it is possible there may be some issues, just FYI, so be sure you test things thoroughly.


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