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Using average

Hi everyone,

i need some help to create an average expression.

I have this siuation:

Pivot Table

1st dimension is a "group dimension" and the user can select different dimensions with the drill down button

2nd dimension is the yearmonth, used in columns

the expression is the sum(sales)

i need to have a second expression that calculate the average of sales for all the yearmonth

i attach an excel file that explain what i mean... i need the expression in column G

could you help me to reproduce it in qlikview?

thanks in advance

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Re: Using average

Hi Giovanni


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Re: Using average

Thanks Fer Fer!

but and if i want to use the average in a calucaltion?

For example i need to have for every yearmonth the difference from the average

See the excel for an example

and another thing, is possible to choose a range for the average calculation? for example the average af the last 3 yearmonths

thanks in advance