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Variable Field Names


I need to store annual budget values against a customer. I'm looking at creating:



Cus_Budget_2012  .... etc

I have a calendar file which dictates the selected date or month or year etc from the sales date. When the user selects Year I need to select the appropriate Cus_Budget_Year value.

Question: Is there a way to write an expression which matches the selected year to the cus_budget_year OR is there a better way to structure this?

Any help would be appreciated!!

Many thanks

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Variable Field Names

Just add another field called 'Year', to contain 2010 or 2011 etc, so that you have a record per year.

Re: Variable Field Names


It is indeed possible, as in the attached file. But I'm not sure how it will perform with thousands of records, and I agree with Angus that the best way of doing that is creating a date field for each record that links to the master calendar, and then, using set analysis as in this application, the charts will display values from one year or another depending on the selections the user does.

Hope that helps.


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Variable Field Names

Thanks Angus, sorted!