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Vendor Count


Am trying to write a formula that will count the number of vendors whose total spend make up 80% of total spend.

The formula I have now for 80% spend is

     Sum([Invoice Amount USD])*0.8

Count of Vendors formula:

     Count(distinct([Harmonized Supplier Name]))

The vendors are sorted using their spend from largest to lowest.

The essence of this formula am seeking is for me to know how many vendors make up 80% of total spend.


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Re: Vendor Count

This might be a good place to start

Recipe for a Pareto Analysis – Revisited

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Re: Vendor Count

Is there one for Qlik Sense? I noticed that these are all for Qlik View. Kindly advise

Re: Vendor Count

This works for QlikView and Qlik Sense

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Re: Vendor Count

Thank you for your response. When I add the formula, I do not have the Desc option as it is not recognized. Additionally although the formula works, I get a bad class name error.

Formula: Background Color expression

If([Pareto Class] = 'A', LightGreen(),If([Pareto Class] = 'C', LightRed(), If([Pareto Class] = 'B', Yellow())))


And Pareto

If([Exclusive Percentage]<= 0.8, 'A', If([Exclusive Percentage] <= 0.9, 'B', 'C'))


I am also trying to create a KPI that Counts the number of Vendors within Pareto Class A but cannot get it to work.

count(distinct({<'[Exclusive Percentage]' <= {0.8}>}[Harmonized Supplier Name]))

What is wrong with this formula?

Re: Vendor Count

What exactly are you doing? Can you share a sample to look at?

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Re: Vendor Count

I built the Pareto and it works even with the Bad Field Names. I cannot create a KPI to count the number of vendors within Pareto Class A.


Re: Vendor Count