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Visual to map patient population


I have some experience with Qlikview development but there's still a lot out there that I'm not familiar with.

Hopefully someone can give me a few pointers/suggestions here.

I'm in the healthcare industry.  I want to create some visuals in Qlik that show patient population. For example, I want

to show where the patients are for a given zip code on a map - say 90001 has 50 patients; 90002 has 100 patients and

etc.  What's the best tool (add-ons, extensions) to do something like this in Qlik?  Does anyone have any sample

they can share?

Thanks so much

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Re: Visual to map patient population

BUMP Healthcare patient population

Before develop something, think If placed (The Right information | To the right people | At the Right time | In the Right place | With the Right context)