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Web login issue

I am able to access qlikview web interface from qlikview server machine.

When I access from a different machine in a different network, it is asking for userid and password. I am trying login with the local mahine credentials.

2 scenarios I tried:

1) When I try with http://machinename/qlikview and mapped machine name to ip in my etc/hosts file, I am asked for login. The login page displays user id as "machinename\Guest" which is disabled and I can't change the userid.

2) When I try with http://machineip/qlikview, I am asked for login. I can type in the user id to "machinename\mymachineloginname" and provide password. But login is not happening.

In both cases finally I'll get login failed message from qlikview (I can view the qlikview page itself having the login failed message)

Thanks for any help on this issue.

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Web login issue

I have the same problem!