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What is main purpose of CAL'S

Hi Friends,

Could please Explain the Cal's in qlikview.



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Re: What is main purpose of CAL'S


CAL are called as Client Access Licences.

There are four main types of licences.

Document CAL:  Allows a user to open one document and licence is associated with document and user.

Names user CAL: By using this user can access unlimited docs on one qlikview server.

Session CAL: This will be assigned on first come first serve basis.

Usage CAL: Allows one user to have access to one qlikview



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Re: What is main purpose of CAL'S

Dear Rameshetu,

A QlikView license is referred to as a Client Access License (commonly called as CAL). To access the QlikView Dashboards deployed in QlikView Server, users need a Client Access License (CAL).  The CALs are purchased with QlikView Server and tied to the QlikView Server Serial Number. A CAL is never transferred to a client, but a client uses the CAL when connecting to the server or, if a cluster license is used, a specific QlikView Server cluster. CALs cannot be transferred between different QlikView Server clusters. Developers can work with the QlikView documents by leasing a license from the Server.

see also Doc.