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What is the use of QlikView Server and QlikView Publisher?

Can any one tell me the difference between Server and Publisher which makes me clearly.

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Re: What is the use of QlikView Server and QlikView Publisher?


Qlik View Server

QlikView Server is a program that is installed on a physical server (computer) with number of "CAL - Client Access Licences". These allow users to access QlikView files stored on the server, over the internet. When a user loads these documents they are loaded into the browser and the processing for this is mostly done on the server. QlikView Server controls the people who can access the documents on the server using Client Access Licences or "CAL's".

When you buy QlikView server you also buy a number of CAL's. (The starter pack is 10). This entitles 10 named people to access the QlikView server, with standard CAL's there is no restriction on the number of files which can be held on the server, nor of the number of files a user can access.

The licence key is entered on the QlikView server centrally - there is no requirement to for the user to enter any licence information.

QlikView Publisher:

QlikView Publisher is a program which allows you to maintain centralised control of all your QlikView files and to schedule when and how they are reloaded and distributed. You can automatically reload files and distribute them to "Web Access Points" or by E-Mail or on an intranet.

With QlikView publisher you can automate the production of (say) file for each salesperson containing only their sales targets and current performance and have it automatically made available to the sales person in the way they have asked (email, on an FTP site, on QlikView Server).

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Re: What is the use of QlikView Server and QlikView Publisher?

Server :

QlikView  Server  is  a  platform  for   hosting  and  sharing  QlikView  information   over  an  intranet  or  the

QlikView  Server  connects  users,  client  types,  documents,  and  objects  within  a  secure  environment.

Publisher :

QlikView  Publisher  manages  content,  access,  and  distribution.  By  reducing   data,  each  user  can  be  presented with  tailored   information.

The  QlikView  Publisher  service  and  user  interface  are  fully   integrated   into

QlikView  Server  and  QlikView  Management  Console  (QMC).


Re: What is the use of QlikView Server and QlikView Publisher?