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What is this error means?

Hi all

   I am trying create some PDF reports using triggers but when i try to run the report generation trigger it is showing the following error message


The task "************ QVRPT" failed. Part of the log file follows:

10/10/2013 2:11:47 PM   Error   Could not print report. ErrorCode=TIME_OUT_ERROR. ReportID=Document\RP03_999907239

10/10/2013 2:11:48 PM   Error   Distribution to resources failed with errors. Warnings: 0, Errors: 1

10/10/2013 2:12:07 PM   Error   Could not close the SourceDocument. Exception=The currently executing operation was aborted.

10/10/2013 2:12:07 PM   Warning The QlikView Engine isn't responding to close command, it will be killed (Please ignore logged errors about the kill).

10/10/2013 2:12:08 PM   Error   The task "********* QVRPT" failed. Exception:

QDSMain.Exceptions.DistributionFailedException: Distribute failed with errors to follow. ---> QDSMain.Exceptions.LogBucketErrorException: Distribution to resources failed with errors. Warnings: 0, Errors: 1

   at QDSMain.DistributeTask.RevertOneAndAlwaysOne(Document qvbDocument)

   at QDSMain.DistributeTask.ReleaseQvb(Document qvbDocument)

   at QDSMain.DistributeTask.Distribution(String fileName, DistributionRequest distributionRequest, TaskResult taskResult, String repeatVariableName, String currentRepeatVariableValue)

   at QDSMain.DistributeTask.Execute(TaskResult currentTaskResult)

   --- End of inner exception stack trace ---

   at QDSMain.DistributeTask.Execute(TaskResult currentTaskResult)

   at QDSMain.Task.AbstractTask.TaskExecution(ILogBucket logBucket, TaskResult taskResult)


What is the meaning of this issue

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Re: What is this error means?

are you trying it with publisher ?.

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Re: What is this error means?

take a look at the instruction of creating the PDF file for some reason the program can not create the file. If you are using a macro refer to the API guide Qlikview

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Re: What is this error means?

yes am trying with publisher