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What type of calendar do I need?


I tried some diffrent calendar-soulutions but always get stuck. (yeah, i´m not that good but I have to start somewhere..)

So my question is simple, what kind of calendar should I use?

I have multiple dates in my tables.

StartDate ¨




Connected to a userID

If I select jan 2011 I would like to se how many post that have a StatDate this month, how many that have a EndDate and also how many that have have a startdate but do´t have a stopdate(the startdate can be before jan.... I also want to be able to compare this to another month...I´d also want to se the how many days it goes from StatDate to PlaceDateStart.

Should I use one mastercalendar or (as I now think) multiple calendars?

I have found many post about one mastercalendar but don´t find any good guide about how I create multiple calendars.


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Re: What type of calendar do I need?


If I understand it correctly, this is what we can do.

But still using a master Calendar. See if this works for you.



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Re: What type of calendar do I need?

Hi friend,

                   try to use a master calendar.




Day(DATE) as Day,

DayName(DATE) as [Day Name],

WeekDay(DATE) as [Day of Week],

WeekName(DATE) as [Week Name],

LunarWeekName(DATE) as [Lunar Week Name],

Month(DATE) as [Month],

MonthName(DATE) as [Month Name],

QuarterName(DATE) as [Quarter Name],

Year(DATE) as [Year].

We use master calendar to make a proper association between all the date field in all the table.

You can also use autogenerate for creating the master calendar.

But in your case try to create master calendat from the approach you find better.

Hope this helps you



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Re: What type of calendar do I need?

Seems to me that what you need is to make ranges. Search for IntervalMatch

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Re: What type of calendar do I need?

Interval Match is the solution for you I