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Where clause in expression


I have the following expression in a table that returns values based on the entire data set.  What is the correct method to limit the data to particular areas?

Original Expression:

=ceil([Refund Count]/([Closed Call]+[Closed Email])


I need to be able to add a where clause to this expression to limit values and the calculation to look at a particular product of 'ABC'

How can this be accomplished?


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Re: Where clause in expression

hi Luke

try below expression

=ceil({<Product = {'ABC'} >} [Refund Count]/([Closed Call]+[Closed Email]),.001)

Product ={'ABC'} is your where clause.

Hope it helps

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MVP & Luminary

Re: Where clause in expression

It's not clear if Refund Count, Closed Call and Closed Email are field names or column labels. If they are field names you can use something like:

=ceil(only({<Product={'ABC'}>}[Refund Count])/(only({<Product={'ABC'}>}[Closed Call])+only({<Product={'ABC'}>}[Closed Email])),.001)

Replace Product with the name of your product field.

If you used column labels of expressions in your expression that you'll have to add the set modifier {<Product={'ABC'}>} to the aggregation functions in those expressions.

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Re: Where clause in expression


Try this:





          {<Product = {'ABC'}>}

          [Refund Count]/([Closed Call]+[Closed Email])